Servicing & Repairs

You have a lot of money, time and expertise invested in your business. It deserves the care and consideration given by regular servicing to minimise the risk of break down at a critical time. You can not afford a problem that may affect the very existence of your business.

Contact us to have an engineer call and check your installation.

Speed is of the essence

When your machinery is broken down, we aim to get you going as soon as possible. Take advantage of our free telephone and email consultation to make sure that we have the parts in stock to cover your requirements.


You will be required by your wholesale milk buyer to have farm assurance on your milking machine. Milk processing equipment is required to have an annual certification scheme policed by the Environmental Health Service.

We are able to test machines to the required standards for all the legislation with which you must comply.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Telephone your local office in the first instance, after hours use:

Neil: 07843284860
Nigel: 07050 391 951
Jim: 07050 391 950
Mark: 07050 391 949

Mark on 01422 822336 or Kevin on 01422 82378 will be able to locate an engineer if you are having difficulty.