Dairy Customers

We hold extensive stocks for our dairy customers supplied with everything you will need to get milk from the cow to the crate. Glass and poly containers, cream cartons and lids, aluminium caps and aluminium foil.

Why not have gold caps at your wedding with your special date and message on. 

Milk Bottles

  • Glass 35mm diameter neck for sealing with foil caps
  • Plastic
  • All lids


We supply Blowplast polybottles in the following imperial sizes:- 1pt, 2pt, 4pt, 8pt, and in the following metric sizes:- 189ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr, 3ltr all using twinseal Portolla lids red, green, orange, white and blue.  Massmould lids in green or blue are also available.


Bottle filler

Cream separator

Orange juice


We are agents for Kilco and Diversey all your cleaning & udder care catered for.


We supply foil in a variety of widths and prints for our customers to manufacture milk bottle caps on their own bottle filling machines.

Foil Caps

We are the only manufacturer of aluminium caps for glass milk bottles.  All 35mm, 38mm, 44mm are available in a variety of designs and colours.  Can be manufactured with your own logo and details embossed into the cap.


Cream cartons

  • Double
  • Whipping
  • Single
  • Plain

10oz,5oz, pint cream cartons. we can supply with heat seal lids or crimp on lids plain or printed, double, single,whipping.

Cream carton lids

  • Snap on clear
  • Snap on white
  • Heat Seal

Bottle top die

Your caps can be supplied with your own embossed die.

Crate truck

The crate trucks are specially made for the dairy industry.


  • Glass bottles
  • Poly bottles

We can supply in various colours plain or printed with your own design.

Hand crates

Bottle retaining frames

For the milk man to delivery glass or poly bottles

Egg cartons

Churn liners

Milk books

We stock a variety of different milk books


Hand held thermometers, infra red, digital, fridge etc.