We now sell gates, fencing materials and electric fencing all the year round along with agricultural hardware and a huge amount of farm chemical requirements especially for cleaning and dairy use.

As major stockists of Industrial and Agricultural Engineering products we have field gates from 4 to 16 feet in length, feeding and cubicle barriers, feed rings and troughs available.

We have gate posts in wood and steel plus all the gate fittings required to hang them. We carry a limited stock of wooden gates, but delivery should not be a problem.

We stock a good range of netting and wire products but we can also obtain a vast range of other wire products to order.

Seasonal products that we stock include silage sheeting and bags, baler twines of every type, sprays for weed killing and a selection of grass seed that will cater for the most demanding stock and cropping requirement to lawn seed for the ardent gardener.

Electrical Fencing

We stock Rutland electric fence products with have a large selection of products in our showroom. Any special items can be ordered for you.


Metal gates
Wooden gates

Palisade fencing has become an important security measure for different types of sites and facilities such as schools and playgrounds, factories and industrial sites. These sturdy and tough structured fences are an excellent security measure. The strong steel designs ensure that you can be be certain of a tough boundary.

Galvanised Fencing

Galvanised fence posts
Gate posts

Any special orders can be ordered for you.